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The creative act is a cathartic exercise aimed at exorcising pain and loneliness, but also to drive joy and all my reactions to stimuli from the everyday life. Thus, I project my emotions through close interaction with the pictorial material with which I undertook a harmonious journey of intense collaboration. I find a parallel between the plastic malleability of pictorial matter and the adaptability of humans to survive extreme and painful situations in their own journey of seeking the truth, in pursuit of achieving communion with the ‘divine’, or that something inexplicable that we believe controls the universe.


In my works, supernatural landscapes are the result of the interaction between the artist and the medium, between the individual and the world around him. Through this gesture, I try to tell my personal story, presenting it as a parallel speech to the recent history of humankind. I try to enrich the creative act of symbolic and conceptual values hat project it towards a universal dimension. Intense but tolerable, my path is actually an introspective journey that ignores gravity and all earthly and material bondage, asking questions whose answers are perhaps the access codes to the sublime that exists inside us.