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the new world



I return for a moment, and with love at my shoulder I see the house, the unfounded rage that surrounds it.


The hatred of others that leads to violence lives in its system, and the profound ignorance of misery raises temples destroyed, indifferent, and solitude.


I reencounter an ancient world, for me new, now different, which no longer exists, which glides on the smooth slope of my eyes.

I observe with compassion.


And everything that still lives, today dies, and everything that did the most harm, no longer does it, the void.


And everything that is true is for those who remain, without light, if the word is from the one who has not spoken for ages.


I look inside, and I proceed inside of the darkness that sustains the void, and the void is sustained; I look inside.

And I cry dry tears and words strewn in the wind, melancholic smiles.


My home is the solitude, and the crisis necessary, a unique opportunity. I take it.       


And now, that today is no longer yesterday but perhaps already tomorrow, I return.

And with love at my shoulder I return to the new world, the true one. Home, far away.