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And it is the catharsis, the colorful doors, the emotional states, the virtual ultra-terrestrial dimension.    

The processes and their intensity, the surrealist architecture of an abstract limbo, point of entry into daydreams.

And the catharsis, in the loss of gravity that separates from the earthly, the access breach left by matter, and all that is material.

The introspective journey, weightless and intimate, intense, a flight over the pain amidst the rugged paths of life, over the memories.  

Passing through the strata of the soul I cleansed the emotional levels, the insecurities; I found myself immersed in infinite anguish; I proposed peace to the fear. 

It is a journey one takes alone, in the silence of a night, in the commotion of a life, at the beginning, at the end. 

Everything coincides, the noise in the silence, and the ecstasy and the movement, the deafening calm of the place in which everything appears immobile.

I reengage. 

Everything is the opposite of everything, the alpha and the omega, life, death, and the beginning is also the end.

Gravity leaves me, and the ultra-terrestrial force is primordial, but harmony is the light, and hope takes form in the form of your creed, and I am reborn.

It is the catharsis.