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inside the sun



I heard your call, in the light, in the wind, a thousand sirens arrayed inside the sun, eloquent silences.

I saw the pile of memories shudder, and the wings of pride beat in the flight from morbid attachments, to enter into the stories and a world of suspended fables.

I would like to soothe your pain, to tampon you with miraculous unguents and heal your thoughts.

With the stories of the songs contained in my paintings, in that surreal world I have made for myself, where living is easier and does not hurt.

There you will find the poetry and the magic of my dreams.

She will trust you, revealing to you secrets she has never given to anyone, her magic silences,

And the most beautiful words will fill up your rooms.

I will love you with pure love, as one loves life, a sister, a female friend.

And if touching the sun cannot burn me, I will caress you like caressing a child.

I will stand and look at you as you would look at a flower, for no reason, just to marvel again.

Now the most beautiful words belong to you, yesterday is no more, and today is already tomorrow.

Torment looks from afar upon the new day being reborn, every day, in your race against time, in your escape inside a dream.

 Sunset had now become reawakening, and I feel just a strong beating of wings, inside the sun.