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I see


I believe.

I believe that some think of living but perhaps do not live.

I believe in the clean thought of the sincere man.

I believe in the free path of those who trip because of a shoestring that comes untied by chance, and believe in that string freed by the imagination.

I believe in a string that ties the heart when it tries to love.

I believe in a knot and in the one who unties it.

Io believe in love given. 

I believe that words are unnecessary, and believe in the poetry of that man without peace called passion.

I believe in genius and disorderliness and in pure inspiration that makes us free.

I believe in scratches that do not hurt, in pain that is a pleasure, in pleasure that leads to pain.

Io credo in myself and believe in you, in all of you, in everything a believe in.

As I walk I believe, and while I believe I walk, in the dark, but I see.

I see.