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I am seeking you


 I would like to go away for a while into myself, to seek everything I already have. To receive my father, the devils and all the saints, his, mine, communion. And disappear for a while, to look at theworld from afar.

 I would like to write your name on a thousand veils of fine linen, and light, and no longer be afraid. Defying anger and embracing torment, dividing the days of the impossible.

 I would like to stop dreaming, to speak to pain, so that I can no longer hurt you, and slide along the slope leading to knowledge where the turbid never speaks out.

 Shouting to hate that life belongs to me, in the well of timid consensus that wells into applause, while I break through the parapet. In the deep darkness, without respite or waiting.

 I explain to the wolrd that after the wall there is light and sound to the world, beauty, while I kiss your tears that I write about, the torment, and threatening sadness, never stop believing you.

 I have painted that wall, painted what it hides inside, and in your womb I have drawn a happy ending.

 And yet again unbeaten, between fury and harmony, I seek you.