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Apocalypse project

Apocalypse On The Road
to May 27

Apocalypse On The Road

APOCALISSE on the road

It’s an art trip trough little known territories of cultural patrimony of classic, medieval, renaissance humanity: there’ll be holy concerts and performances in churches, monasteries and cathedrals, united by biblical writing. Seven artist, for three months, will be in painting, sculpture, photography, music and dance tour and they will be broadcasted by Tv and radios stations. Pictures will appear on social networks, web sites and blogs. In each stage will be producted some works reminding the cities where the stage took place and they will have destination in Miami where the works will be grouped at the end.

journey and stages


The pass through churches and abbeys tied to Saint John proposes a partnership between classic and modern art. Ancient and contemporary art blend one in the other. In four churches will be holy music concerts with original harmonies. 

APOCALISSE on the road work

It’s the third period of the work Apocalisse, after painting and musical. The modern Apocalypse diffuses, through painting and free arts, John the Apostle’s message: the happy ending. The author experiments new technical and feels the necessity to analyze the holy texts. The Apocalypse concepts go out from the paintings and enter in the musical and go to the road between the people. Here arises the On The Road, a solidarity path that starts from Turkey, crosses Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, travels for 14 600 km and arrives in Miami. The Journey has cultural-artistic steps creating painting and with stages in children’s hospital. The Apocalisse wants diffuse with art the tolerance and solidarity message. The 95 A.D. Apocalypse and the modern one share the same goal: make the human feel less alone.


APOCALISSE the mission

The purpose is to diffuse the little known message of the Happy ending, a love and tolerance message, that connects people and cultures, removes geographic, racial, political and religious distances in the name of the art. Connecting ancient and contemporary art, regiving life to classic, medieval and renaissance art. The art with his solidarity message enters in children’s hospitals and donates markers and storybooks, colors their days in that place where people stay there to heal and not to suffer. The tour is to raise funds to give to Forma Onlus to Ospedale Regina Margherita ,that is to buy medical equipment and to greet little patient


It’s a route through children’s hospital and from a side donates some happy hours to kids from the other side rises funds with concerts and art exhibit

  1. Ospedale pediatrico Giovanni XXII, Bari, Italia

  2. Ospedale Santobono, Napoli,Italia

  3. Ospedale San Salvatore, L’Aquila, Italia

  4. Ospedale Bambino Gesù,  Roma, Italia

  5. Ospedale Meyer, Firenze, Italia

  6. Azienda Ospedaliera-Universitaria, Parma, Italia

  7. Ospedale SS Giovanni e Paolo, Venezia, Italia

  8. Ospedale Vittore Buzzi, Milano, Italia

  9. Ospedale Regina Margherita, Torino, Italia




The proceeds will be given to the Onlus Forma cause.


The Apocalypse is full of meaning trip that must be documented to broadcast this meaning also to those who don’t participate. It will be a series, a docureality that tells the culture, history, passion, art, creativity of each place tied to Apocalisse. Each episode lasts 26 min(audiovisive 30 min), shows a day from the morning to night, will be told histories, traditions customs of that place, classic and modern works and will belistened important people of the place. During the night will be leisure and entertainment typical of the city.

The format will be recorded in full HD, with full frame cameras, microcameras in the camper and a set camera for interviews. The theme will be a “composing video and animated graphic” with billboard or sponsors’ logo animation.

The tour will be broadcasted on a specialized channel such as Artè or Sky Arte HD, on radio, web and social networks. The editing will be in HD, the photography cured and postproducted and obviously original music.


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