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Pierre Cardin

the apocalyptic painting collect all of the energy.  Paris Feb 2013

Pierre Cardin said:  
"The first painting of the apocalyptic production and testing ground for the research of the dimensionality that will lead to the creation of the branching. 
It collects all of the energy of the lived moment by the author, his revelation staff a man and artist, the anger, the agony, the research of the center.  The sombre tones and violent denounce the Book of Revelation in the course and the perspective organization still embryonic the dawn of a new day. Small branches are growing, and the depth won the field. In his later works is a clear progression toward tones more sedate, the architectural dynamics, though complex, lead through a rationalization of colors and shapes to a fabric specialized on several levels, in which dominates the    emotional tension without creating, however, never fear. The worst is past, the motions tumultuous appreciate now in the distance, while the life is reborn through the appearance of the great branching that, in sharp contrast color, dominates and characterizes every opera of the collection, in a evident hymn to a happy ending."