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Everything changed in the world that day, and everything became different.

 The sky turned green, that day in Africa, over a child who was praying to a black god, and who gained hope from that green.

And the Sun turned white, that day in China, and a child who was seeking a yellow god, from that white got candour and learned purity.

 The sea changed too, it was pink that day in Iraq, and a child who for his god was wearing dynamite, jumped into the water and the fuse went out, and he came out of the water clad in flowers.

 And the earth turned red like fire down on the south pole, on the same day, and the ice broke, and a child praying to just one god, got warmth from that earth.

It was called the day of colour, the day when man changed forever, learning that every difference contains wisdom.

They saw those four colours holding hands, and singing of flowers, of hope, of candour and warmth. They say those four children playing together, in a different world that brought us hope, and made us thing that in the end difference is not so bad.